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Everett Moore is a Hardware store in Springfield, Colorado. I haven’t been there yet but judging from their website I really want to go there and see for myself. The Everett Moore homepage has a beginners guide of how to use glue and which jars to use to can the homegrown vegetables. Perfect for a city slicker like me…. Anyway Ernie from Everett Moore had chosen to go with the Stonewood Exposed Fastener system. (Aptly named EF system) I remember Ernie’s comment was: “We are a hardware store so we are going to show hardware. No argument here.

Here is an awesome Stonewood project Riverwood Apartments. The Stonewood panels are installed using the new stacking system hence almost no exposed fasteners are used. The installation is lightning fast. This system will be installing for (almost) the same price as the Exposed fastener series.

I asked the installer how he is doing with the install. His text back to me is below.

Sterling Custom Homes used Stonewood extensively on a private Residence up the Canyon in Littleton, CO. The pattern used was the Stonewood Carbon Mesh installed using color matched screws. The project isn’t finished yet mainly missing the landscaping. Hopefully the ownership gives me permission to take pictures once the project is done. It is going to be stunning.

Amazing the Colorado blue sky