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The main fire station in Regensburg impressively demonstrates that functional buildings can also be realised with high architectural quality. Here, a particular strength of AGROB BUCHTAL came into play: The comprehensive range includes numerous ceramic solutions for interior and exterior use – a benefit that enables holistic concepts.

For the façade of this new building the architects chose the AGROB BUCHTAL system Keratwin with a colour gradient of finely tuned shades, which were specially designed and individually manufactured for this project

Architect:Diezinger Architekten
Products:KeraTwin K20, Basis 1, 

Images:Atelier Bürger

Everett Moore is a Hardware store in Springfield, Colorado. I haven’t been there yet but judging from their website I really want to go there and see for myself. The Everett Moore homepage has a beginners guide of how to use glue and which jars to use to can the homegrown vegetables. Perfect for a city slicker like me…. Anyway Ernie from Everett Moore had chosen to go with the Stonewood Exposed Fastener system. (Aptly named EF system) I remember Ernie’s comment was: “We are a hardware store so we are going to show hardware. No argument here.

The Coloradan in downtown Denver finally nears its substantial completion. I have been waiting more or less patiently for the GKD to be installed at the parking garage. This is a big job for us and I cannot wait for the project to be finished so I can take semi professional pictures … with my cell phone.  This project looks fantastic 

  • Installer: RK Steel
  • Architect: GBD Architects PDX        

This project is a dream come true for every manufacturers Representative. FFKR Architects designed the Hillcrest High school project and worked with us to realize the perforated imaging of the schools mascot. Our manufacturers Northclad from WA. and DLSS Manufacturing from NC. collaborated with each other to produce the perforated and patinated copper panels for Rodac to install. I cannot be more proud of everyone involved. Please check out the video below.

We see a lot of buildings coming out for bid with a curved canopy over the main entrance. Merchant and Evans as a structural Roofing panel that can be curved to a certain radius and mounted only at the eave. The cost savings are significant because there is not much structural steel needed. Since a picture say more than a 1000 words:

University of Utah Medical Center bridge however was another level of awesome. This roof features two layers of a structural roofing panel connected with each other using the S5! clip. How is that for ingenuity?

I don’t have project pictures but her are two decent Google map pictures of the project.

Here is a Link to the product brochure if you are interested.

This Video shows projects done using PK30 It is over 20 minutes but certainly worth it. PK 30 is our best selling interior line. Check it out.

PK-30 Sy stem is a meticulously designed and engineered aluminum demountable wall system providing a flexible, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to divide interior space. The System can be used in widely varying configurations including sliding doors, pocket doors, swing doors, folding walls and fixed panels, all utilizing the same aluminum profiles resulting in a unified design program. The system accepts any ¼” to ½” thick panel material allowing unlimited design choices.

Gensler’s Oakland Office PK30

Gensler’s Oakland Office pk30 Glass Partition closed
Gensler’s Oakland Office pk30 Glass Partition open